Online Guitar Lessons - An Affordable and Convenient Option

Online guitar lessons are a great choice if you are just learning to play the guitar, looking to advance to the next level, or to acquire new skills. Although private lessons from a skilled teacher are fantastic, they are not always practical due to time, transportation, budget, or other factors. Luckily, there are plenty of good alternatives available.

Online guitar lessons give you the flexibility to learn when and where you want, at your own pace, using material targeted just for your needs. All at a reasonable cost, especially when compared to the cost of lessons with a private instructor.

There are many guitar learning packages available online. In general, with these packages you can download lesson content books to your PC, and access audio and video lessons and jam tracks online to complement the written material. The challenge is locating a lesson program or course that's right for you, among the numerous ones offered online.

Some Good Online Lesson Package Options

What's the real deal with online guitar lessons? Well, some are really solid and others are really pretty junky. Over the past couple of years, I've bought a number of popular online guitar learning packages, and walked through them with guitar in hand. Here are the ones that I believe offer a good value (as long as they are properly matched to your goals and ability), by category:

Basic / Intermediate Guitar Lessons- For beginners, advanced beginners, and aspiring intermediates looking to establish or strengthen a basic foundation of guitar playing skills focused on rhythm guitar, there is one guitar lesson package that I’m totally convinced offers an excellent value. Click here to read my detailed online guitar lessons review.

Acoustic Guitar Lessons- if you want to learn or improve on basic guitar playing skills, and do so playing an acoustic guitar, there are a couple of good options, one of which teaches you how to play a lot of popular acoustic songs. Learn more here.

Lead Guitar Lessons- Once you have a solid foundation of guitar skills ( basic fretboard knowledge, basic open and Barre chords, reading tab, etc.), there is a really solid lesson package to learn lead guitar skills. If you already know some lead guitar, it’s also a good way to systematize and improve your skills. Get the details based on my hands-on evaluation.

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