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The popularity of the online video guitar lesson has risen fast in the past couple of years. The wide availability of online guitar lesson and performance videos is a tremendous help to people learning to play and building new skills, and having the benefit of being able to easily see and model live guitar performances.

Below are links to some great videos that can help you learn to play guitar, new styles and techniques, or learn to play better. Also, check out our guitar video lesson Custom Search Engine and use it to find the lesson videos you want.

Free Video Lessons

Back in Black by AC/DC Guitar Video Lesson

Excellent Coillection of Free Guitar Video Lessons

Online Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Here are several free acoustic guitar lesson videos. These were created by well-known guitar teacher Dan Denley for as part of the Acoustic Guitar Secrets course.

The videos show you how to play great acoustic pieces, including an Arpeggio lesson; an Acoustic Blues Guitar lesson based on finger- picking style, and a jazzy-blues Turnaround progression. Dan is a great teacher with a relaxed style and I think you'll enjoy these video lessons. All come with printable tab so you can play along.

Free Online Video Guitar Lesson - Acoustic Arpeggios

Free Video Lesson -- Acoustic Blues Guitar

Turnaround Chord Progression Lesson - jazzy blues feel

Video Lesson of the Day - Potluck

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