Printable Chart of Guitar Chords

Providing you with practical tools like printable chart of guitar chords is the goal of the Guitar Players Toolbox (GPT). Guitar chord charts are one of the most useful tools for learning new chords, and in practicing how to use them in chord progressions and songs.

GPT offers a variety of free printable guitar chord charts that can be downloaded and printed for use at your convenience. These are in Adobe .pdf file format. More charts will being added over time, so make sure to stop back and check for the latest and greatest!

Download Guitar Chord Charts Here

Download instructions: Click on the bolded name below of the charts you want to download.

Basic Guitar Chord Chart -- This chart shows chord diagrams for 15 basic guitar chords that every guitarist needs to know. Mastering this list of easy, open chords will give you a solid foundation to learn more advanced chords.

Ultimate Guitar Chord Chart -- The Ultimate Chart is a great reference for the more advanced guitar player. This is the considered the best free printable chart of guitar chords. It has more than 1200 chords illustrated as chord diagrams. Perfect as a printed chord reference chart, so you can look up how to play almost any chord you are likely to need.

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