ritchie blackmore

by lord craig goldsberry
(ogden,utah(displaced californian))

I cant believe he is not on here-he is the one who invented the power chord-listen to IN ROCK album,also others to mention are indeed trower,marino,buchannan,peter green,schenkner,chris olivia,sweet's guitarist,batio,howe,bachman,mick box,david lindley,gallager,van halen,steve hillage,vaughn,page,hendrix,clapton,n.young,a.young,billy thorpe,billy gibbons,iommi,robert fripp,manny charlton,gary rithrath,mars,buckethead,slash,super yob,lover boy's guitarist,heart's guitarist,frampton, ect ect. ect. also check on youtube jaqueline mannering and dave owens-plus me! later on............

signed lord Craig Goldsberry

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