Ritcie Blackmore

by Cis

Ritcie Blackmore is a fenomenal guitarits, beceauce he`s very influens. In the late sixties he already used sweep picks, what become very populair in the eighties. He is the maker of much good guitar riffs, especialy the riff of the riffs: Smoke on the water. He`s also one of the first guitarists that used classical music in his playing. He doesn`t just onley play the electric guitar, he shows in his band Ritchie Blacknore`s night that he can play the lute and medieval music. Without Ritcie Blackmore the shredders wouldn`t exist beceauce his playing was a early version of shredding. He is ofcourse a very technical guitar player, just search on youtube deep purple: bilzen and you understand why he is the best.

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