Robbie Crum

He's got this unique style of playing that's just undescribable. If I had to describe it I would say its like a mix of Slash and Synyster Gates mixed in with a style I've never heard and he dont know scales or notes he just plays what he hears in his head. I've heard some of the music that he's did with his band and some that he's made up himself and the songs that he made up, in my opinion, could be potential hit songs if given the right opportunity. That's not all, this kid is only 17 years old. That just gives me chills knowing that he's only been playing for a few years and he can already do so much with the instrument. I think that if he's ever given the chance to create music at the level such as Slash and Synyster Gates has done, considering that millions and millions of people have heard their work, he will be in the talk of greatest guitarists of all time. One things for sure whoever happens to stumble upon this diamond in the rough will surely not be disappointed.

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