Rory Gallagher, Frank Marino, Robin Trower, Jimmy Page

by Frank

These masters belong in the top 20, and can frankly mop up the floor with most guitarists. But, more importantly, they have consistently each turned out reams of meaningful music, not just flash. Furthermore, they always experimented in subltle ways too with new ways to approach and express things. Each of these guys had integrity, a truckload of firepower, and often invented somewhat new musical forms of their own. They're not alone either, I'd like to see Gary Moore, Ronnie Montrose, Michael Schenker,Paul Chapman, Laurence Archer, and others get more recognition. I'm sick of hearing about Clapton or Van Halen all the time, they're good too, but have received way too much recognition.

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Jul 06, 2014
jimmy page not even close NEW
by: russ

how jimmy page got on this list I will never know
rory gallagher,robin trower and frank marino are so much better

Mar 06, 2012
Best Post I'd Ever Read NEW
by: Hal W.

Frank,I never thought that I'd ever read something that was more spot-on, accurate, and incredibly true ANYWHERE.

I'd probably replace Page with Tommy Bolin as Jimmy Page is always up with Hendrix, Clapton, and Van Halen in guitar polls (not that I don't love his guitar work).

Rory is my all-time favorite followed closely by Schenker, Gary Moore, Trower, Bolin, Marino, Montrose (RIP), Travers,Uli Jon Roth,Leslie West etc.

Mick Abrahams (Tull, Blodwyn Pig) and Tony McPhee(Groundhogs) are some other killer players.

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