by Kalon

Slash when he was younger

Slash when he was younger

amazing guns n roses EXTREME guitarist

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Feb 16, 2009
Yes He Does
by: William

Hendrix, whilst not disputing his talent, was exaggerated. His use of the studio and technology, which was rife in Slash's time, was some of the first times it had been seen. The effect it had made it seem greater than it is.

Slash, on the other hand, has done what he has done on a equal playing field to everybody else. He definitley compares, as he is an icon of guitar everywhere and is more or less equal to Hendrix. There is little argument towards which is better, but both are very highly valued guitarists.

Dec 23, 2008
nice pic, but why Slash?
by: Anonymous

Kalon, what makes slash so good? Yes GNR has made some great music, but Slash doesn't really compare with the like of Clapton, Hendrix, Santana, etc.

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