Synyster Gates

by Monika
(New York)

synyster gates himself

synyster gates himself

Great Riffs. Plays Guitar as clean as anyone right now.His solos have a lot of soul, you feel it deep down, just like solo to M.I.A. or the ending to Dear God or the outro to Bat Country or the solo in Second Heartbeat.

“Best guitarist today. His solos are flat out ridiculous. The solos in afterlife and bat country just render you speechless.”

“Synyster Gates, will soon be THE TOP guitarist of all time, his breakneck picking speed and fingers are m.

The man is a god, Incredibly innovative, great sound (including Whammy bar effects and squeals), very clean, fast picker, and one of the best sweep pickers out there. Words cannot describe how talented he is”

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