Tonino Baliardo - Lead Guitarist - Gipsy Kings

by Devishankar
(Mumbai, India)

Tonino has re-defined spanish flamenco music and took Gipsy Kings to unassailable heights of fame and stardom. His music also has traces of rock and pop music and which proves his virtuosity. Always low profile for several decades, this god of the spanish guitar certainly deserves to be rated among the best in the world.

But in a world full of rock and new genre musicians, great artists like Tonino perhaps went into inexplicable oblivion and which is so ironical.

My personal rating of the top 10 guitars would be (& in that order):
Tonino Baliardo
Joe Satriani
Lez Paul
Jimi Hendrix
Eddie Van Halen
BB King
Chuck Berry
Dick Dale
Mark Knopfler

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